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Hi I’m Joe Ligammari also known as Killer Joe a Lifestyle, Fashion and Family photographer.

Born in Dyker Heights Brooklyn, NY and raised in Brooklyn.  I went to Brooklyn Technical HS and to NYU Poly in Brooklyn.  Since I have lived my whole life in Brooklyn and consider myself a real Brooklynite.

Lifestyle Portrait Photography - Killer Joe Photography

My older son Joe and his family.

Raised by my parents who were married for over 65 years. Have a sister, two adult boys who are married and have three grandsons and a granddaughter.

First of all, I started taking pictures when I was about 17 years old. My first camera was a 35mm Pentax. I had a darkroom in my parents basement. The chemicals were smelly, that is what I remember most. It would take hours to develop the film and print a 8×10 inch black and white photograph. Digital photography has completely changed the process.

Growing up in Brooklyn involved playing “stick ball”, “stoop ball” and “slap ball”. Me and my friends would spend all day Saturday and Sunday in the “street” playing ball. “Stick hockey” on roller skates was lots of fun too. In the evenings, we would all sit on my best friends porch and talk until 1 to 2 am.While my friends were going to Yankee and Met games, I was taking pictures and playing jazz guitar.

I studied jazz guitar with Rick Stone and Jack Leone, both wonderful teachers.

I will work with you to get the photographs you will be happy with to display in your home, office and show to your family and friends. They will also make excellent social media posts.

Family Photographer Brooklyn Bay Ridge- Joe LigammariAs a Professional Photographer with over 25 years experience you can depend on me as your Lifestyle Family Photographer.

I am also pleased to offer you all my family photography services, including your favorite locations for the photo shoot, final image and print size options. Proofs will be available within three (3) business days.

You can find out more about me in the About Section

If you would like Fine Art Prints, I do all printing in-house using Epson Printers using premium paper and archival ink. This combination yields longevity ratings exceeding 100 plus years before any visible fading occurs.

All printing and retouching are performed in house using the latest versions Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One. I do not use any outsourcing services, giving us complete control of all post production outcomes.

Any special requirements can be meet, just ask by calling or sending me an email. I would a happy to discuss with you all your needs. Would you like an image to share on your desktop? We can make available downloads of your selected images.

We also provide special framing options to suit your needs.